Carolyn Harper

As an active and frequently injured youngster, I was naturally interested in how the body functioned and decided from an early age that rehabilitation was a passion of mine. I attended the six year accelerated Boston University Doctor of Physical Therapy program and graduated with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2015. After graduating, I was fortunate to find Orthopaedics Plus, a clinic that allows me to provide high quality, evidence-based care in a collaborative work environment with an emphasis on compassion and caring for my patients. Because I love to learn, I have continued to improve my manual skills as a therapist with a two-year manual therapy fellowship through the renowned Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.

To compliment my naturally high levels of energy, I’ve remained active throughout all of my collegiate and professional endeavors. While at Boston University, I participated in a modern dance group that further developed my passion for dance and allowed me a creative outlet throughout my studies. Furthermore, I was a part of the college triathlon racing team that taught me to love endurance athletics and was a natural transition to long distance running.

Most weekends, I can be found beating up the trails with a tight-knit group of friends while training for trail marathons, 50 milers, and 100 milers. People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them, “I ran a marathon this weekend and have another 50 miler this coming weekend.” I simply find it fun because it is what I love to do! This passion for running drives me to guide fellow runners and endurance athletes of all levels through their rehabilitation process with running analyses and performance enhancement programs at Orthopaedics Plus.

When not running or dancing, I can be found lounging on my porch with a good book and some quality beer, or catching up on Netflix while I knit a new scarf pattern. I take every opportunity that I can to travel the world and love discussing my next upcoming vacation.

Barbara Simmons

I have been a practicing Physical Therapist for 30 years and love what I do. Becoming a PT was mostly influenced by my background in athletics. After a skiing injury to my knee and attending PT, I discovered a career that integrated my interests of medicine, movement, health and helping others. I graduated from Northeastern University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy.

It is very rewarding to make a significant difference in somebody’s life. Patients say PTs get them back to living. It has been my privilege to assist countless patients with understanding their injuries, overcoming pain and physical challenges, and achieving their optimal health. I feel it is very important to help a patient understand their disability, recognize how posture and ergonomics affect symptoms, and learn how to prevent re-injury. My main objective is to empower people to help themselves.

Throughout my career, I have continued to advance my education by attending training yearly focusing on lower extremity and foot biomechanics, lumbopelvic and sacroiliac dysfunction, taping techniques, breast cancer rehabilitation, and fitting orthotics. I strive to keep my orthopedic clinical skills congruous with evidence-based research.

I have worked at OP since 2006. It is by far the best group of professionals I’ve worked with in my career journey. Why? I value our collaboration as a team to give our patients the best possible outcome. Our clinic has a fun energy that makes it a joy to come to work daily and greet patients with positivity and support.

Outside of work, I enjoy skiing with my husband and two kids, shooting photography of my children’s sports, and living out my childhood dream of owning a horse.

Rob Herron

I have worked for Orthopedics Plus since 2007. Since I was young, I have always been interested in the body and how it works and how to enhance its performance. I have had many injuries from sports over the years and wanted to educated myself in proper rehabilitation and exercise which led me to physical therapy and its opportunity to help other people.

This led me to Northshore Community College receiving my associates degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant. I was not satisfied with being in the background so this led me to get my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Salem State University. I then went to Graduate School at Nova Southeastern University and received my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. After practicing for two years, I completed a two year residency program in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. Since 2008, I have been enjoyed being a Clinical Instructor and teaching assistant for Boston University. I enjoy being mentoring the students and learning from them. You are never too old to learn, and being in that atmosphere forces me to stay on top of the latest research and hone my skills. I have been able to take that mentoring attitude to my work and assist our young staff physical therapists. I also have been working at Spectrum Fitness Consulting as a personal trainer as of 2008. I really enjoy taking patients from the rehab side to the fitness side and using both skills to promote wellness.

I have 2 sons which both play sports; it has been a joy and nerve racking watching them play! I enjoy exercising and helping both my sons improve their health for sports along with teaching them the importance of fitness. If you are going to talk the talk, you must walk the walk!

Orthopaedics Plus has given me the opportunity to utilize my manual physical therapy skills to help promote health and wellness and fitness to a vast number of people. Over the past years, I have had the privilege to work with and learn from highly skilled and knowledgeable therapists to help the quality of life for the patients I work with daily.

Ellen Poveromo

My first exposure to physical therapy was as a child, watching a PT work with my older sister at Children’s Hospital. I thought it looked like fun to do exercises with people. That intrigue lasted, which eventually led me to pursue my Physical Therapy degree at Simmons College. Early in my career, I knew I wanted to focus on outpatient orthopedics. I treated many spine patients and knew I had to become very proficient with my treatment of the spine. I then pursued a specialty in manual therapy through the renowned Paris Institute of Manual Therapy and became certificatied in 1991. I have focused on manual PT ever since.

In addition to my affinity for treating the spine, I enjoy treating running athletes. I have been a runner myself for over 30 yrs. This allows my runner-patients to feel more at ease knowing that I can relate to the variety of issues that can arise from distance running. Even as a therapist with many years of experience, I sometimes encounter running related issues. It is also tough to take my own advice since I love to run, but luckily I'm surrounded by awesome clinicians that help keep me in line.

I also like working with the breast cancer patients and getting that population healthy and active again. Many women are not aware of the many problems that often arise post-mastectomy which can be solved by physical therapy. Pain, restricted motion, and weakness can complicate their recovery. But with the right treatment, it can be fixed. It is exciting and rewarding to open their eyes to the possibilities to restore their function.

When I am not in the clinic treating or running the trails of the north shore, I’m spending time with my family including my dog, Coco. I love cooking, and making Italian dishes is my specialty. I also love cross-country skiing at Appleton Farm in the winter and gardening in the summer. Living an active and healthy lifestyle sets a good example for my patients. It’s important that they recognize that I do try to practice what I preach!