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"Prior to my first hip surgery, a friend recommended Al as “the only” PT I should consider seeing to help me recover from surgery and get back to my active lifestyle as soon as possible . I took his advice and I am certainly glad that I did! I’ve returned to Orthopaedics Plus several times over the years following other hip surgeries and a shoulder injury. Al has always provided me with effective treatment along with thoughtful and detailed exercise routines to follow. I recently went back to see Al for treatment on my other hip. As always, my experience was great! An added bonus was the new location in Bedford...the building is beautiful and more spacious. There is also now a fitness service connected to the new office, Spectrum Fitness Consulting, to help clients transition from treatment to an effective exercise program. I hope I don’t need to go back too soon, but I know that when the time comes, I’ll be back at Orthopaedics Plus for more first class treatment! "
Feb 09, 2019
"I have been to OrthoPlus for three injuries over the last 20 years, and each treatment has fixed my issue completely. For example, the first was a knee that I could not walk on; it hasn't given me the same trouble since. I have recommended the clinic to others who have appreciated the services that OP offers. This time, I had been ignoring an aching hip for over six months when I finally went in to meet Judy. She diagnosed the hip pain as a problem with my back, triggered by a weak core. Judy taught me - for the first time in my 65 years - the right way to strengthen my abs. She also worked on other areas of weakness that were effecting my hip, not just the hip, but my quads and balance as well. In her hands-on therapy (mostly deep tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and traction), Judy focused on my responses, adjusting her work to achieve the best results. I continue to do the exercises she gave me at home, and she regularly checked that i was doing them right, fine-tuning my form to ensure that I got the full benefits. She repeatedly confirmed progress using a number of teats, each of which narrowed down issues I faced. I think I improved so quickly because Judy encouraged me to slow down, to listen to the pain instead of fighting through it, and to take care of my entire body. As important, were Judy's cheerfulness and patience. She always took time to explain and reassure me, even when I was the most discouraged. Her spirit matched the cheerfulness of the entire practice; the atmosphere is bright and friendly, and all the patients and therapists know and support each other. I wholeheartedly recommend Orthopaedics Plus for both diagnosis and treatment to anyone who is dealing with pain. "
Feb 07, 2019
"I can do everything I could do prior to my car accident since my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. It improved significantly in a short period of time (4 weeks). The staff are very attentive, dedicated, and helpful. I would tell anyone looking for PT that Orthopaedics Plus is definitely worth the time to live the best life possible, free from pain!"
Feb 07, 2019
"Orthopaedics Plus has team of professionals ready to help you on your way to good health. I’ve had experience with Cherie, Todd, and Iggy and they’re all fantastic. Cherie is gentle and just what a new mom needs as she navigates the new challenges her body now presents. Todd has a gift of precision with regards to getting right down to what ails you with quick and useful tips. Iggy is always ready to lend a helping hand. I would not hesitate to recommend OP to anyone."
Feb 07, 2019
"I had a real problem with my hip and back for a while, but since my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus it no longer bothers me and I can go out without my cane. It feels much better after my exercises. I worked with Justin who has been very helpful. The rest of the staff are as well, and have been throughout my treatment. They are all very professional. On a scale of 1-10 I would give them a 10! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Orthopaedics Plus to anyone I know who has to have PT. "
Feb 07, 2019
"I had received treatment for one year in 2018 at Orthopaedics Plus. Ellen Poveromo was my therapist. She was amazing! Can’t say enough of how she helped with significant lower back pain. Her expertise and experience gave me confidence I was in the right place with the right therapist. She not only used many years of experience to help me but also had amazing personality to help my hourly sessions tolerable and enjoyable. I left always feeling better with hope. She’s a gem to! I have recommended her and Orthopaedics Plus to some friends as well! "
Feb 07, 2019
"The staff at Orthopaedics plus was great helping me to figure out what my problem was, and helped me to understand what I needed to do to be able to live my life pain free. It's always a pleasure to come to Orthopaedics Plus. The environment is welcoming, and everyone here is encouraging and goes the extra mile in helping us achieve a good outcome. I have already encouraged many people to at least get and evaluation here. As a patient you need to be willing to put the time and effort into coming to PT so that you too can have better mobility and live a pain free life."
Feb 07, 2019
"This was my first physical therapy experience so I have nothing to compare it to. I was very uncomfortable and did not know what to expect. Al immediately made me feel at ease. He also diagnosed my problem in less than one minute. This is something that three medical professional and an x-ray could not pin point. My knee cap was off to the side so it was not sitting in the correct spot. He then started me off slowly. He gave me one stretch and one exercise to do for homework. Over the course of 11 visits, he added special high tech medical tape and more stretches and exercises. The pain and discomfort disappeared. I was also able to talk to him by using the new app on my phone. This helped me stay on target and be honest with my home routine. He was very responsive and answered my concerns even on the weekend. But, my greatest compliment was how well I witnessed Al put all of his clients at ease. He would see clients of every walk of life; from every age and every activity level. One customer used a walker, another had had hip replacement, one was a teacher like me and had to rush back to school. He was always positive, flexible and easy going. I felt like part of a family and will miss going. I happily give my highest recommendation!"
Feb 06, 2019
"Since my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus I have less back pain and more flexibility, which has been life changing. The staff at Orthopaedics Plus are amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable. The office staff is also very friendly and accommodating. I have recommended OP to friends and will continue to do so. Ellen is the best Physical Therapist I have ever been too. Ellen knows her stuff and doesn't rush through the treatment. Ellen listens and provides helpful feedback for at home exercises."
Feb 05, 2019
"I was experiencing lower back pain, and I had visited other professionals without relief. Al at Orthopaedics Plus quickly assessed the problem and worked with me to resolve it. I can’t speak highly enough about his in-depth knowledge, skills and approach. "
Feb 04, 2019
"I began my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus on Nov. 1st. At first I was skeptical about how much progress I would make. The pain on my right hip was discouraging me from physical activity, such as walking. I left Feb. 1st with improved range of motion and a strategy to manage my hip arthritis using exercises that have clear explanations and visual demonstrations to review when necessary. I worked with Todd as my therapist and found him to not only be an extremely competent clinician, but also a patient, warm human being who engages each patient in a personal and caring way. The ancillary staff: Ignazio was cordial and helpful. The secretaries were friendly and pleasant. I also appreciated the camaraderie among therapists and the harmonious way they trust each other. I was recommended to this practice by my sister who was also a patient of Todd's. If someone I knew was thinking about physical therapy I would recommend Orthopaedics Plus to them for the reasons I've cited above. Orthopaedics Plus is a humane, caring and competent organization that helps heal people physically but also creates a warm, caring environment. "
Feb 04, 2019
"This was my 1st time with physical therapy and it was a great, positive experience right from day one! I worked with Colleen, who was absolutely fantastic. Everyone at Orthopaedics Plus is encouraging and upbeat with the patients, they carefully evaluate you and create a therapy plan best suited to you and your needs. What I appreciated most was everyone's sense of humor - physical therapy can sometimes be uncomfortable and tiring, so having your physical therapist crack a joke and make you smile really helped. Thank you to Colleen and the team for fixing my shoulders and making each therapy session worthwhile and fun! I highly recommend Orthopaedics Plus, their new facility in Bedford is beautiful and easy to find. If I ever need physical therapy again in the future, this is my #1 choice."
Feb 04, 2019
"My life has changed in a tremendous way since my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. I couldn't take a step with out pain and now, I don't even think about pain when walking now. I like working with the clinicians at OP because of their expertise, and their willingness to listen to issues that come up. The staff is also personable, easy going and always makes me comfortable. I would tell someone who is thinking about coming to OP to DO IT!!! The staff couldn't be better, second to none!!! "
Jan 31, 2019
"I feel a lot more comfortable in my day to day life after my treatment here at Orthopaedics Plus. I can actually function normally in most if not all of my daily interactions without anyone noticing that there is anything wrong with my neck. The staff here are extremely friendly and helpful. The staff is willing to do whatever it takes to help me, even if I had questions about other issues that came up during my treatment. The staff is always smiling and have a positive attitude. I would tell someone who is thinking of going to Orthopaedics Plus for PT that they would be excited to go to every appointment, and that they would receive excellent care."
Jan 31, 2019
"Since I was involved in a car accident I have regained my strength and mobility back. I have a more positive outlook about my ability post-accident! Everyone here at Orthopaedics Plus is extremely knowledgeable but more importantly listen to the needs of their patients. Rachael has been excellent to work with and I always felt like she had my best interest in mind and always with realistic outcomes. I would recommend the PT's here at Orthopaedics Plus for treatment!"
Jan 31, 2019
"The quality of my life has improved tremendously since starting physical therapy at Orthopaedics Plus. I had constant low back pain for 6 months which effected my sleep and day to day activities. After my treatments, I am stronger and my overall pain has subsided. From the moment I entered the office, the receptionists, therapists and aides, made me feel welcomed and supported. The receptionists were very accommodating to fit my appointments into my busy schedule. The therapists and aides worked together to ensure that my time and energy was utilized efficiently with the ultimate goal to make me feel better and stronger. The therapists are patient and encouraging. I was instructed on proper techniques and given home care instructions to continue my progress once therapy ended. I am the head athletic trainer for Burlington High School and I constantly recommend Orthopaedics Plus to my student athletes and staff members. The quality of care is second to none. Every therapist is highly trained and personable. Orthopaedics Plus has flexible hours and is conveniently located on the Middlesex Turnpike. Choosing Orthopaedics Plus for PT is the best decision you can make in your recovery!"
Jan 30, 2019
"My experience at Orthopaedics Plus has been nothing short of excellent. I have had PT in the past and this experience was superior. The therapists were top notch and very caring and patient. I highly recommend Orthopaedics for any PT needs. "
Jan 29, 2019
"I actually started Othro Plus after hip replacement in their Burlington location, before expansion to Bedford. My PT was Colleen, and I could not have hoped for a more caring, consummate professional. She took me through both hip replacements in five months, and I was (rapidly!) fully mobile. I am in the gym now, and am able to augment my activity regimen at home with little equipment due to her expertise at putting low-impact, high-benefit exercises--with or without bands--to use at home at any time. Ortho Plus is a highly personalized, scientifically based program that is an important adjunct to any physical recovery program. The assistants and interns--in my case, Alex and Iggy--are always ready to help. There is never an unsupervised moment in a client's PT hour, due to team approach in every aspect of operations. I highly recommend this facility for all physical, PT, and rehabilitative needs. Dr. Yvonne Hall"
Jan 28, 2019
"Thoughtful, insightful service. Colleen always seemed well prepared for our sessions. "
Jan 25, 2019
"Since I've had treatment at Orthopaedics Plus, my abs have flattened making me generally feel better about my body. Everyone here is very nice. Rachael worked with me to come up with the best routine for my busy schedule so that I could really focus on my Physical Therapy. I would definitely recommend Orthopaedics Plus and let everyone know how much I've benefited :-). "
Jan 17, 2019
"I am a senior orthotist with Boston O&P in the Children's Hospital Waltham location. I have referred many families and patients to Amy Sbihli from Orthopaedics Plus. My main focus at Children's Hospital is the management of idiopathic scoliosis. I have seen very positive results from Schroth therapy and the comments that we receive about Amy's knowledge and professionalism are a continued reason that we recommend her and her staff for Schroth therapy. I really appreciate the fact that Amy is able to work with all of my patients and that she has no bias if they are wearing Boston Brace 3D style scoliosis brace or a competitors brace. Our patient population can be very challenging at times and I feel very confident when families are prescribed Schroth therapy that they will be in very good hands with Amy at Orthopaedics Plus."
Dec 07, 2018
"I’ve been a patient of Orthopaedics Plus since 2012. My first experience with them was for an injury to my right shoulder from cycling. I worked with Todd, who very quickly figured out what worked (and didn’t) with my shoulder and we worked together through the following weeks until my shoulder was stronger and felt much better. Todd was really great. Fast forward to 2014 and I injured the other shoulder. I worked with Todd again and it was really nice to be welcomed back (even though I know that in the PT world, seeing patients for new visits means something new needs help and we are coming to you in worse shape than you saw us last). Todd again figured out how to address my other shoulder and within a few weeks it was feeling much better. I managed to keep myself in one piece until late 2017, when I injured my lower back cycling. As soon as I was mobile enough, I reached out to OP for help. This time, I worked with Judy, who has been fantastic. This has been a longer recovery but the recovery plan has really helped my back. Everyone at OP has been excellent - I’ve always appreciated the personal attention, everyone is always happy (really amazing and super important I think when working with those of us struggling to get through injury recovery), and the PT services I’ve received have been essential to keeping me able to do what I love outside: mountain biking. Thank you Todd, and thank you Judy, for all your patience and hard work with me. Thank you Orthopaedics Plus for being a great physical therapy resource for me!"
Dec 06, 2018
"My life is back to normal since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus, and I feel armed with new techniques to keep it that way! Carolyn listened very closely and knew exactly how to remedy any physical problems, however subtle they may have been. She gave me great preventative information for the future. I am a musician and brought my instruments to the clinic to work with posture and balance. She analyzed the causes of physical problems caused by long term posture "mistakes" and instrument weight - Great work! It is definitely worth the time and effort to see Orthopaedics Plus for physical therapy. The long term awareness is very valuable as well!"
Nov 24, 2018
"My life and improved dramatically since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. I can now walk up stairs without pain; I can stand for longer periods of time; I can sleep at night without waking up from pain in my hip; I have a better day doing my job and normal activities without pain. The staff at OP are amazing, especially Ellen. She was terrific! Her easy going manners, explanation of what my problems were and how to work on each area of my hip and back were refreshing happenings. I have gone to three different physical therapy providers. The others never physically worked on my problems. They just gave me incorrect exercises to do which created only more discomfort and a road to getting worse! I traveled 1 hour each way just to see Ellen and OP!! The rest of the staff listened to my questions and were very friendly and encouraging! Orthopaedics Plus is the best physical therapy experience you could hope for!"
Oct 27, 2018
"Orthopedics Plus in Beverly was amazing. The staff is great and 100% professional. After my knee replacement I needed extensive rehab and worked with Barbara to get back into shape and I cannot say enough good things about her and the rest of the staff. If I ever need rehab again I will definitely return to Orthopedics Plus. "
Oct 14, 2018
"I had a bad fall down a flight of stairs several years ago, injuring my neck, and from that point had suffered from debilitating migraines. When the migraine would start, I would end up in bed for a full day. For the balance of that week I would have residual effects comparable to being hung over. I was going for massages twice a month to try and keep up with it. I am very active and my passion is ballroom dancing. That suffered. I had to give it up. Nothing was helping...until my boss recommended I go see Mike at Spectrum Fitness. I figured what could it hurt but didn't have any high hopes. Mike and his staff worked with me twice a week over 2 months and I can say I have been migraine free for 4 months. What a blessing! Thank you all! Pattie "
Oct 11, 2018
"I’ve just completed a lengthy 6 month recovery with Justin Pezick for several leg fractures, ACL replacement and MCL tear. I would summarize my experience with Justin as the best therapist I’ve ever used. Keep in mind that you have to be committed to the recovery process too. Justin’s knowledge of the human anatomy and his personal approach to each patient is quite unique. He knows how and when to push you as well as recognizing when each individual approaches their limits. I’ve seen his approach work well with other patients during these 6 months that ran across others that range from athletes to couch potatoes and others somewhere in between. My thanks to Justin for bringing me back to my normal life style."
Sep 19, 2018
"After treatment with Rachael at Orthopaedics Plus, everyday leg movement and balances feel 100% better and I have no back pain! The staff give great encouragement and know just how much to push you. They take the time to explain each exercise and what it help to strengthen for a particular area. I would tell anyone thinking about physical therapy to GO to Orthopaedics Plus! (And do your exercises at home like they tell you!)"
Sep 18, 2018
"Since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus, my range of motion has improved 100% I can walk normally and feel more confident about the way I walk and look when I walk. The staff and clinicians at Orthopaedics Plus are extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional. I have been treated with respect, promptly, and pleasantly. I would tell everyone thinking about PT that they should go to Orthopaedics Plus because they would get 5 start treatment!"
Sep 18, 2018
"My life has changed for the better since starting at Orthopaedics Plus. I am now able to do all the previous things that I was unable to do or that cause me pain. Everyone at OP is very attentive to your reason why you are here. They are very supportive and continually fill you in with your progress. I would highly recommend OP due to the success I've had. "
Sep 18, 2018
" I just want to thank Justin and Orthopaedics Plus for everything they have done for me. I really thought that my shoulder was going to be a major problem for my whole life, and it was causing me tons of stress, but Justin helping me fix it has allowed me to enjoy life so much more, and do things I really thought I was not going to be able to do again, like play tennis, and just throw a football around with my friends. I've also made a lot of progress with my back issues and will definitely still be doing the exercises and stretches. Thanks so much!"
Sep 08, 2018
"My time with Carolyn was extremely beneficial. I broke my back in the winter, and after wearing a brace for four months, I went to her for help to restrengthen my back, core, and glute muscles. Carolyn showed me many useful exercises, many of which I could do at home on my own. After going to her for a few months, I feel much stronger and confident that I now have the tools necessary to prevent further damage in the future. I am very thankful for Orthopaedics Plus."
Aug 31, 2018
"After undergoing a labrum repair surgery I spent 12 weeks working with Carolyn to rehabilitate my shoulder. During my initial visits Carolyn was very successful at reducing the pain in my shoulder resulting from surgery. As my therapy progressed she introduced new exercises and movements that greatly improved my shoulder strength and mobility. During my sessions Carolyn would always take the time to explain the muscles I was using in each exercise and made sure that my form was correct when doing them. She was very attentive to my level of discomfort and helped me move through therapy at my own pace. Carolyns positive and pleasant attitude made my sessions very enjoyable. After these 12 weeks of therapy my shoulder feels immensely stronger and healthier. "
Aug 29, 2018
"Since I was treated at Orthopaedics Plus, I have gotten a handle on my pain - it has been reduced in severity, frequency, and duration. The staff at OP are highly skilled, supportive, and appropriately bossy...; They are a great team and I have already recommended them to friends. "
Aug 24, 2018
"My life has changed so much since my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. By understanding the reason for my constant pain, I was able to make the steps necessary to correct it. It has made such a difference. I am able to do so much more physically, and it has given me the motivation to continue to lead a healthier lifestyle. Everyone at OP is amazing! So friendly and outgoing. Ellen and Chris were wonderful. They are really helpful and professional, but personable too. Although they were busy, they really took the time to understand what I was going through to help me correct it. I would absolutely recommend OP to anyone looking for a professional, compassionate, friendly office that will provide the treatment they need. "
Aug 24, 2018
"I've worked with Justin in Burlington off and on for a few years now dealing with chronic issues resulting from osteo and inflammatory arthritis. He has been an amazing help and always is encouraging and motivating. Overall all the staff I've had interaction with have been so friendly and nice and professional and can't say enough good things about the experience there. They definitely care and want to help to improve your health and well being. "
Aug 14, 2018
"I have recently finished a lengthy session of physical therapy at Orthopaedics Plus in the Cummings center in Beverly. I was fortunate enough to draw Rachael Beekman as my therapist. I realize that I am not the easiest patient to deal with, but Rachael always stayed calm and pleasant. Through her expertise and knowledge I was able to avoid surgery and a long arduous recovery. Her relentless prodding to keep up with my exercises and her manipulating and stretching of my shoulder eventually let to a full recovery. I can know raise my arm completely over my head and can almost reach the center of my back. Unfortunately due to insurance limitations my sessions ended but I feel confident that if I continue with the exercises that Rachael taught me I will eventually get there. I would also say say that the entire office was friendly, courteous, and extremely professional. In closing I would just like to say that Rachael is a gem and a pleasure to deal with. You are lucky to have her on your staff and I’m grateful that I was assigned to her for my therapy."
Jul 25, 2018
I began working with the other half of the Spectrum family, Orthopedics Plus, after I herniated a disc in my lower back. I could barely walk, but after two rounds of physical therapy over the course of a year and a half with Mike, I finally felt like I was getting my life back. I asked Mike about moving over to Spectrum, because I had seen the success of other people working with the trainers there as I was going through physical therapy. I asked my husband to join me so we could encourage each other and spend time together during training sessions. We can’t say enough good things about Spectrum. We’ve met such wonderful people; everyone who is there is positive and encouraging, and that’s not just the staff! We look forward to seeing Andrew every week, who pushes us each session to work hard, but have fun doing it. We’ve both lost weight and gotten much stronger, which comes in helpful with our day-to-day activities and hobbies. We would encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a fitness program to work with Spectrum. Their whole-body approach, from the strength training, to cardio, to nutrition, makes it easy to make permanent lifestyle changes that will make you feel better, and feel better about yourself. I say every day that I wouldn’t be able to live my life the way I want if it wasn’t for the folks at Spectrum, and I really mean it.

Kathleen H. & Dave M.

Since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus, I am now able to walk without a cane and have much less pain. This was my third time coming to Orthopaedics Plus (1st in 2005 with Ellen after a hip replacement)- I can’t say enough good things about Ellen Poveromo. The clinicians and staff at OP are very friendly and are truly experts in their field. I have already recommended people to OP and will continue to do so!

Margaret V.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Orthopaedics Plus and Spectrum Fitness. This time last year, I was miserable. I was in constant pain; could barely walk; it seemed like I was having hideously long needles poked in my hip way too often; and highly trained specialists were telling me that I would just have to get used to it. This was my future. Today was an almost normal day. I had an amazing workout where I lifted lots of weight (for me); I biked to and from work; and I moved through the day with a moderate amount of discomfort. I worked hard to get here and I am grateful to the people who supported me through it all. I still have miserable days but not nearly so often. Thank you Dan for insisting I not accept the initial prognosis. Thank you Andrew & Mike for teaching me how to heal, and thank you Karen for listening to me cry through the darkest hours.

Laura M.

Mike Stare and his team are truly some of the most talented in the business. They provide full service consultation and coaching and make sure that their clients’ lives are transformed. They help people work through injuries, wean themselves off of medications, and improve clients’ overall lifestyle.

Dr. Adrienne L.

A year ago I was just out of Mass General wearing a huge back brace & gearing up for life with two cracks in my L3 & L4 and a summer and fall without golf, among other things. Fast forward one year – back on the course and today, one birdie, two pars and a 50 ft. putt, yes, that is a 5-0 foot putt in the hole!!! Big thanks to Orthopaedics Plus and Spectrum Fitness for putting me back together and helping me lose the 15lbs I put on while I was laid up!

Dayla S.

I had the opportunity to work with Mike at Orthopaedics Plus while rehabilitating my surgically reconstructed ACL injury. Mike did a fantastic job of answering of all my questions and described the complex factors involved in my condition in a clear way, so that I felt confident and assured while rehabilitating my knee. Furthermore, it was clear that my surgeon had a high level of confidence in the care I was receiving from Mike.  Mike sought to not only to restore my knee function, but also to condition me so that I would be less likely to suffer future knee problems. After finishing my rehabilitation with Mike, I felt like I was in the best shape since my college soccer years. Recently, my son has been seeing Mike to care for his knee pain.   Mike was able to diagnose a rare knee condition that was not readily apparent to my son’s pediatrician.   Because of this, future knee complications for my son will likely be prevented. Mike is genuinely concerned, patient, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor to boot!  I have the highest level of trust in Mike’s abilities and strongly recommend his services for rehabilitation, fitness or injury prevention.

Rick A.

Having been involved in weight training and athletics my whole life I was perplexed when I woke up one morning to find I could not move my neck. Just two months earlier I had encountered pain running down my leg. I thought to myself, this should not be happening to me, this only happens to people that don’t take care of themselves and don’t workout. Over the next couple of years I visited Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists. Eventually I would feel better only to have my symptoms reappear. Eventually the pain became chronic which prohibited me from participating in activities with my children as well with as the sports I still loved to play. I was given a prescription for another visit to Physical Therapy. This time I chose Orthopaedics Plus, where I met Michael Stare.  Mike’s specialty was not only in Physical Therapy, but he was a true expert in the biomechanics of the body. This was the start of my athletic life being returned to me. Mike not only rehabbed my injuries, but put me through intense training sessions which corrected the imbalances in my body, thus limiting the possibilities of future injuries. Mike taught me how to train correctly and how to develop the patience to deal with minor setbacks instead of taking various drastic measures, which could in turn develop into major setbacks. I learned there was no instant cure and in time most strains and injuries would get better when I followed his advice. I am now playing various sports with my children and looking to join an adult ski racing program. I truly believe Mike’s guidance, expertise and knowledge has made this possible for me. I have since referred friends, colleagues and family members and received nothing but profound thanks for the referrals.

Robert E.

I have significant scoliosis and was fortunate to find Amy Sbihli at Orthopaedics Plus. After looking for advice from medical doctors over the years, the typical response was “You’ll just have to live with it.” So I took to research myself for anything that might help me maintain an active life with scoliosis. I had read about the Schroth Method and it made a lot of sense to me. Most practitioners were out of state until I found Amy at OP. Amy’s is clearly an experienced practitioner in the field. She took the time to gather pertinent medical history, general life style and activity information necessary for treatment. She explained verbally and using drawings the exercise regime she developed for me based on the Schroth Method and what each exercise was intended to achieve. The exercises required various props and she worked with me to find ways to make them work at home. The drawings and instructions help me continue the regime on my own with the goal of achieving as much benefit as possible from these exercises. If I could have weekly appointments to continue exercising under her direction I would! Amy is caring, empathic, and skilled practitioner. I had the opportunity to participate in one of her Schroth training sessions. Not only is she skilled in the Schroth Method but she is a great teacher and imparts her knowledge in such a exceptional manner. I have given Amy’s name to a number of people with scoliosis.

Rosemary S.

At Orthopedics Plus, I really liked how they knew exactly what I was experiencing. You can only know this if you have experienced it yourself. You have no idea how much that made a difference. The staff at Orthopaedics Plus know. Rachael’s personality was outgoing and even after working a long day, she was right in the moment with me guiding me through. I am so fortunate that I found Rachael. I cannot even tell you. I personally could not do the job that Rachael does as far as this is concerned,but I am so grateful that there are people like you who do do this. I did what Rachael told me to do and started working on my core at the gym with the weights. I’ve never felt so strong as I do now. I’ve got the squats down pat now thanks to Rachael.  This type of pain is horrendous. It affects your life to a point where there are days you can barely function, yet alone focus. I want to tell people that it doesn’t have to be forever. If you are willing to work on what is being taught to you, you will get yourself to a better place. There will be days where you will have no pain, some pain, and a little more pain. Whatever is causing your symptoms, for me it is stress, will have to be dealt with. To understand and know your cause will help so much. I thought this was forever. I had been to doctor after doctor. MRI’s, lab work, sent into Boston to a specialist, medications galore. Only the specialist could give me a clue about what it could possibly be. She told me about a physical therapist, and I got in contact with the office that she worked for. Thing is, she wasn’t covered by my insurance. I then started to look for others. There aren’t many who do this. It took a while to find Rachael but thank God I did. I guess the pelvic floor is where I currently hold my stress. I don’t like it at all, but it is what it is. I was desperate, and I wanted Rachael to cure me immediately. You learn quickly, that just isn’t the case. It took a while and loads of stress to get to the point of where I was when I first saw Rachael. It takes time, patience, and work on your part to get better. I hope one day, I will never have this pain again. Until then, I just keep working on what I have been taught.  Rachael, I will never be able to thank you enough. Believe me, I know she is there for me even though I am no longer coming to the office. She is just a phone call away and an email away. She has made that known.

Debbie I.

At Orthopaedics plus, I received the education about the muscle group and awareness of them has increased my ability to hold my bladder. Less leaking and progress continues with the home exercise, having control is a good feeling and less worry about leakage. I now have exercises specific to my bladder problem and know that to maintain I can do those with success. Muscle isolation and awareness of pelvic floor have been enhanced by personal exam during every visit. I have been given great guidance to improve control. I’ve achieved excellent outcomes with Rachel; as for instruction and support with this problem, that has been ongoing until I had the correct exercises to help it. Thank you to Rachel.

Audrey F.

My life has changed tremendously since my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. I suffered what I felt was a devastating injury and I was unsure if I would be able to continue to do the things I love like play softball, run, exercise, even walk. Since working with Rob I am not only back to doing everything I love: softball, running, etc. I feel like I am even better than before my injury. P.S. I can walk in heels again. I was really nervous to start PT, but immediately Rob and the staff made me feel comfortable. When I would come to PT I would look forward to my sessions because Rob and the staff made me feel like friends/family. I would recommend Rob as well as any of the staff at OP because not only are they great physical therapists, but they are great people who really take the interest in your recovery. They always made me feel that a full recovery was possible.

Monique F.

My typing is at full speed with minimal pain after a few hours. I could not go more than 10 minutes before starting with Orthopaedics Plus. The staff is top notch, friendly, and really cares about their clients. I really enjoyed each session. Overall, it was a great experience. Carolyn is an amazing PT. The results of each physical therapy sessions have definitely been successful. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking to get over a physical problem.

Barry S.

I began working with Barbara in early 2018 for back and hip pain and infringements. After a thorough initial assessment, Barbara discussed general standing, sitting and walking habits to highlight for me why some of these pains arose. Additionally, Barbara embarked on a number of manipulations using techniques that were directed precisely at the areas of concern. After 6 or so sessions, I was able to get around without any of the same pains as I had had earlier. And I have utilized her well thought out instructions on how to posture myself during normal activities. Barbara is outstanding in her approach, communication, skills and treatment. Barbara and the rest of the team work very well together. Upon arriving for an appointment, the front desk staff checks me in, notifies the staff in the treatment area, I go in almost immediately, one of the staff sets me up for my routine exercises, and when finished, Barbara is ready to provide appropriate treatment. Everyone is friendly, they spend time getting to know each client, and stress education and reasons behind their treatments.I have tried many modes of treatment over the years for my back and hip pain. Chiropractic, message, rolfing and acupuncture did not provide the results that Barbara did at OP. She diagnosed the problem and tailored a treatment program that was unique to my symptoms. Additionally, more than anything, provided education on why the problem was occurring and what I could do to help myself going forward. She always stressed that her job was to do everything possible to allow me to no longer need her through learning self-treatment techniques and improved skills in conducting day to day life. I highly recommend OP.

Kim K.

I walked in to Ortho Plus 14 weeks ago and I was at my lowest. The pain and trauma it felt made me so depressed. I met with Carolyn and right away she made me feel great. Fourteen weeks later I’m feeling so good. Thank you so much. Carolyn was so patient and kind. She always made me feel special and that she understood me. The best thing was she didn’t try to push me, and she let me grow by my own pace. Everyone is always happy and there is a very cheerful environment. I would definitely recommend people to Ortho Plus. The whole staff is so nice and always right there to help. They really know how to treat their patients.

Leanna H.

My life has changed Immensely since starting with Orthopaedics Plus! Rachel has provided me with amazing exercises to help improve my lower back pain and quality of life! They are the best! First of all, everyone is so welcoming here and always remembers my name and checks in. I love how the clinicians encourage me and push me to help better my strength. I don’t have a bad thing to say! If you are thinking about coming here, do it 100%! These guys are the real deal! They are all so knowledgeable and really care about your progress. Their passion for PT is undeniable! I love this place and the clinicians here!

Nissa F.

Since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus, I have been able to enjoy walking longer distances ad well as climb stairs, so I can do more activities by myself and with my family. The clinicians and the rest of the staff are very warm, friendly, and of concourse totally professional. They will carefully assess your initial capabilities and steadily bring your strength and flexibility to pre-surgery levels.

Mahina L.

My life has changed very much since starting treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. I was originally on medication and was also receiving infusions for my pain. I am so happy that I do not need either one right now and am almost pain free. Originally, I was also told by my doctor to discontinue the gym and now with some modifications I am back to my workouts. The staff is extremely professional and friendly. Front desk people are very helpful and accommodating when setting up appointments. I worked with Rachael and can’t say enough about her treatments. I was very skeptical when I first started but she set my mind at ease from the very first appointment. She is an extremely caring and very dedicated practitioner. She explained everything she was doing each time and gave me a lot of encouragement. She is very knowledgeable, and I felt very positive after each session. Rachel also gave me a home care program which complemented my sessions with her. I know if there is a time that I do have a setback I will have tools to help myself. It was a pleasure to work with the entire staff. My experience was very positive. My care and the results I received for exceeded my expectations.

Cheryl G.

My daughter Nicolette has been a patient of Amy’s for just over two years. My daughter started seeing Amy to learn schroth method exercises to help with her scoliosis. We have found all the staff to be competent and friendly. Amy was able to teach my initially 9 year old daughter how to effectively engage in exercise to combat her scoliosis and neck weakness. These exercises in combination with a brace have prevented any additional progression of scoliosis. Nicolette’s overall strength has improved greatly. She no longer experiences neck pain from being startled. We will continue with Amy and/or any staff trained by Amy and highly recommend anyone with scoliosis become a patient.

Blue F.

Since I started at Orthopaedics Plus my body is more aware, and I am more cognizant of my movements, such as posture, core, angles and strengthening. Everyone there is friendly and have a positive attitude. They are open, and the education is ongoing throughout each visit. I would tell someone thinking about going to OP to make a commitment to it. Not only should you do the exercises when being seen by the therapist, but you should continue to make the exercises a part of their lifestyle so you can take care of yourself.


My life has changed dramatically since starting at Orthopaedics Plus. I can now enjoy walking my dog. I have no restriction walking up and down stairs, which is important because my house is 3 floors and has a basement laundry room. OP is a safe and welcoming place. Their encouragement has helped me build confidence in myself. I would highly recommend OP and tell anyone thinking about going that they will have success and be encouraged positively throughout the process.

Sandra M.

Preceding my first appointment at OP. I had severe pain doing basic movements and what were previously non-taxing tasks. Now, I am back to my activities and movements, from tying shoes to weightlifting. I have no pain anymore following the work I did at Orthopaedics Plus. My main clinician was extremely attentive, accurate, helpful, personable, and all-around life-changer. He made my pain disappear over the course of just a few weeks. It was a great, fun environment to get healthy. All the other therapists I interacted with were great as well. They utilized the support of the entire staff to help me with proper weightlifting technique. Those therapists were attentive, clear, and very helpful in identifying improvements to my form. If you are thinking about this place for PT, what are you waiting for?! Seriously – my expectations about physical therapy were exceeded by OP. I would 100% recommend them to anyone.

Sterling D.

Orthopaedics Plus really helped improve my movement and quality of life after major injury and multiple surgeries. At OP the staff work as a team to ensure the clients achieve the best possible results. They are all very caring and concerned about their clients. I would highly recommend OP to anyone looking for PT.

Karen E.

Orthopaedics plus has changed my life because my knee doesn’t hurt, and I can do exercises at home too! I liked working with the people there because they made some of the exercises fun. I would recommend OP because they made me better and you can do things at home when you’re done or hurting. The people who work there are nice and very helpful too. They can also make perfect times with your schedule.

Nora M.

The quality of my daughter’s life has improved since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. She was unable to participate in sports or even recess. The work done by the therapist has allowed her to perform at her typical level in school and extracurricular activities and sports. The staff has been very easy to work with. They are flexible and responsive to questions. From making appointments, to actual therapy, everyone has been helpful. The clinicians have made a huge impact on my daughter’s life. After her injury she was benched from her sports. She has actively returned to softball and is playing at 100%. She is back to enjoying the activities that she loves thanks to Orthopaedics Plus. I would highly recommend OP for treatment. The staff is knowledgeable, flexible and personable. The staff communicate clearly with both parents and children using real world examples and understandable terminology.

Katy M.

My time at Orthopaedics Plus was a great and helpful experience. I came into treatment in terrible pain and unable to complete my every day activities, but after treatment I am back to exercises, working and doing household chores without difficulties. Carolyn was kind and energetic. She continuously encouraged me along the way and made corrections when I needed them and positive reinforcement when appropriate. Absolutely go to Orthopaedics Plus! They are motivational, competent and I had great results. They also teach you life time habits to prevent further difficulties.

Lucia K.

My life has significantly improved since starting with Orthopaedics Plus, especially with doing the recommended exercises. The staff are ALL wonderful! They are kind, friendly, and caring. I would tell someone looking for PT to go to OP. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They are all looking out for the patients.

Jovina T.

I have experienced significant improvement to pain I was managing with my right knee since coming to Orthopaedics Plus. After (5) knee operations over the past 5 years I was very frustrated to still be in pain. Ellen’s PT treatment of various exercises combined with strategic taping of my knee can has profoundly improved the quality of my life….finally!! They have a very friendly staff. Also, Ellen is thoughtful in her treatment, explaining the purpose of the various exercises. I would strongly recommend OP for physical therapy. The initial diagnostic review of my case lead to a much more holistic treatment program that has lead to very positive results!

Chad C.

Orthopaedics Plus has supported me every step of my journey from treatment to helping with advocating for me with healthcare professionals. I can honestly say they have helped to improve my quality of life. The staff are very professional and care about you personally – They listen! If you are thinking about PT, going to OP is a no-brainer! You will be supported through every step of the process.

Janet B.

Since starting PT at Orthopaedics Plus, I feel happier because the pain in my lower back has greatly subsided. I can do my every day activities fairly pain free. This includes walking my dogs, exercising daily, playing with my kids, cleaning the house and gardening. I look forward now to starting my day! The staff are all extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I have been to PT in the past where I dreaded going to my appointments. I enjoy my visits at OP and feel the results every time I go. Barbara has helped me tremendously and I thank her for giving me my life back. Go to OP as soon as you can. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start my positive journey of healing.

Sarah H.

I started out with a joint that finally got so bad that the pain persisted constantly, and I had trouble doing ordinary motion. This was my shoulder’s starting point. Now after coming to Orthopaedics Plus, I have full use and little pain. Not only am I almost pain free, but I sleep better and am in a better mood. The therapist’s understanding of the body/joint mechanics and the ability to first observe and then correct a problem is a real skill. The staff is focused on the problem and is very supportive. It is a serious, but very positive and pleasant team. I recommend Orthopaedics Plus all the time. In my opinion it is all too easy to pop a ton of Advil and just live with a problem. I have several friends that I am trying to convince to come in for help!

Frank M.

Since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus, I am not as sore after physical activity and have a positive outlook as to future recovery. The staff are friendly and conversational. You feel like you get to know them. If you have aches and pains, go to OP!

Samuel B.

I’ve come to realize that my injury isn’t something that has to affect me for life. Taking the effort to work with the professionals at Orthopaedics Plus to heal has provided me new freedom from worrying about my shoulder. I no longer have reservations when performing physical activity nor am I in discomfort at work. Everyone at Orthopaedics Plus seems to actually enjoy their job. The morale and energy among the staff presents a welcoming environment for us as patients to thrive off. I didn’t feel like I was being rushed through my sessions just to get patients in the door. I can actually interact with my doctors which I feel is very uncommon. That energy and morale has made me excited to continue my treatment. Treatment at Orthopaedics Plus where you are welcomed and challenged, will get you excited to do PT and motivated to put effort into your healing.

Kyle P.

My life has changed significantly in that I have much more mobility than I had entering therapy. This is all thanks to the staff at Orthopaedics Plus. The clinicians at OP are knowledgeable, courteous and provide good analysis and plan for a comprehensive rehab with an understanding that the client is number one. I would tell someone thinking about PT to take full advantage of the high level of professionalism and competence to ensure you get the best rehab services available.

Paul M.

My life has tremendously changed since I’ve started PT at Orthopaedics Plus. I wouldn’t have made that much progress without this PT. The clinicians/staff at Orthopaedics Plus are extremely nice and compassionate. They are always helpful and trying to make anything in their power for patient’s progression and well-being. I would definitely recommend PT at OP and staff here. I have already shared OP contact with coworkers and friends. Everybody has great feedback about this place. Don’t miss out on the best PT place!

Amelie R.

I tore my ACL and my meniscus and by coming to Orthopaedics Plus, I was able to strengthen my knee a lot faster than I thought I could. Coming here and getting treatment was definitely worth it. The staff are very friendly and positive people, aside from doing their job. They act like your friends and each of my visits were positive. The clinicians here go above and beyond and really take care of you – definitely go to OP!

Nathan T.

Treatment at Orthopaeidcs Plus got me back to performing my normal day-to-day activities pain-free and with a little bit of patience, I was able to resume my regular intensity of workout routines. Scheduling has been flexible and easy, offering evening appointments, which I need as a working parent. The staff is always friendly and professional. They know what they are doing and will guide you toward your personal path of recovery. If you are looking for PT, go to Orthopaedics Plus! Be prepared for occasional set-backs if you don’t follow through with recommended modifications and at-home exercises. Trust the advice of the staff and the will help you achieve your goals!

Charesah A.

My life has changed significantly since my treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. Justin has shown me how to make some life style changes, such as lifting the laundry basket and lifting the shopping bags. Justin has worked with me during numerous phases of physical therapy. Justin is very informative and helpful. He has worked twice on my back and knees. He has given me at home physical therapy exercises. The rest of the staff are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend OP!

Debbie B.

My life has changed for the better since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. Justin is the greatest! The staff are very attentive and always caring. I would tell anyone looking for PT that OP is the only place to go.

Edward T.

My life has improved greatly since starting at Orthopaedics Plus. They always make me feel comfortable with my issued and correct them through proper treatment and professional guidance. I always leave believing in my future expectations can be achieved. All the clinicians and staff are courteous, kind, and professional. They are very serious, but make you feel comfortable. They become friends in helping your condition and well-being. I have not had to return! But, if I have to, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I recommend coming to OP very highly!!

Joseph L.

Throughout my journey at Orthopaedics Plus, I learned how to strengthen muscles that support the injured area to relieve the pain in the joints. This has allowed me to be able to do activities that I was unable to do, such as dancing. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and customize a plan that will result in pain relief and better body mechanics. They are friendly and put you at ease and always explain what they are doing any why. I have been treated at OP several times, over many years, for multiple different issues and I have regained functionality and pain relief every time. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Ellen M.

Since starting at Orthopaedics Plus I am in better shape and have less pain. The staff display professionalism, warm and friendly personal care, and provide realistic goals with tangible progress. Orthopaedics Plus is a fantastic place to go for PT.

Nancy S.

I am able to drive my car again thanks to treatment at Orthopaedics Plus. Everyone there is cheerful and friendly. They really engage the patients and listen to what the patients have to say. They continually monitor the exercises and make corrections to position/postures as necessary. It’s a great atmosphere. Its clean, bright, and cheerful! I would definitely recommend!

Sue M.

I have a new start to life since treatment at Orthopaedics Plus! Now I can eyeball men without being too obvious. Sooooo grateful! I love it here at OP! It is life changing. I feel better! Definitely go!! They have a great crew and atmosphere!

Dianne B.

After my sessions at Orthopaedics Plus, I now have techniques to rely on and complete which make me feel better, stronger, and more flexible. I work with Barbara and the depth to her knowledge about how our bodies’ work is impressive. She is able to figure out your specific problem and make it so much better. I highly recommend Orthopaedics Plus!

Glenn S.

Since starting treatment at Orthopaedics Plus with Amy, we’ve gained a better understanding of the benefits of consistent exercise and the importance of knowing the proper way to perform those exercises for best results. My daughter’s scoliosis, through brace and consistent PT has lessened significantly, and the need for surgery has been avoided. We are so thankful! Everyone in the office at OP has been very pleasant and helpful. Amy Sbhili is extremely knowledgeable in the Schroth Method and has graciously and patiently brought us through to a better understanding of the very detailed exercises involved. I would encourage anyone seeking a therapist to come to this office. The atmosphere is friendly and the therapists seem very well equipped.

Laurel and Corinne H.

I’ve had a number of persistent and chronic orthopedic issues that other clinics have failed to fully correct. The clinicians at Orthopedics Plus have expertly corrected all of these issues, including torn wrist cartilage, runner’s knee, and a torn labrum. Thanks to Justin, Al, and other specialists, I can now run, throw, and even compete in obstacle races. Exercises and activities that were once beyond my reach are now achievable, thanks to the treatment I received. The clinicians and staff at Orthopedics Plus are knowledgeable, patient, and pleasant to work with. Evaluation sessions are thorough, and each treatment session is carefully evaluated for progress. Never have I felt to be the recipient of a generic program. Ultimately, however, it’s the results themselves that I am most pleased with, as over the years my sessions at Orthopedics Plus have resolved every one of my ailments. I’ve actually recommended Orthopedics Plus to a number of friend and co-workers. Each person has in turn thanked me for making the suggestion. The friendly atmosphere, extensive professional knowledge, and effective results together make Orthopedics Plus a physical therapy clinic that I strongly urge people to try for themselves.

Jan S.

I met Amy Sbihli and Orthopaedics Plus in November of 2011. I was in my late 60’s with significant scoliosis causing back pain and radiating pain down my left leg. I had done yoga classes for ten years which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very healing in many ways, but I was no longer able to continue due to my worsening condition. Meeting Amy was a totally new chapter in my life. She thoroughly assessed my condition and very quickly came up with movements and exercises which she demonstrated, had me do until I mastered, and began the notebook with her adorable stick figures so I could practice at home. A rapport was quickly established. Amy is a professional and teaches and practices the conservative Schroth Method. It is obvious that she not only totally understands the problems and pains of scoliosis but each person’s body and mindset as well. One time a scheduling error occurred and a young boy and I were scheduled for the same time. Never one to be flustered, she insisted on working with both of us and managed our great age difference with skill and humor. There is an intensity about her of creating the perfect movement to address a specific problem, and then she radiates joy as you both enjoy her successful solution. Thanks to Amy, my debilitating pain subsided and I was able to become a walker again in my neighborhood and on trips for years. It was fantastic. Although this past year my curve became in my doctor’s words “impressive” and the pain resurfaced, Amy gave me many active years of movement which I would never have had without her guidance and dedication. She helped me prepare for surgery (I was considered in great shape for the shape I was in), the surgery went very well, and I eagerly and confidently look forward to the benefit of her expertise in my recovery.

Gardner G.

After hip replacement surgery, I began treatment and Orthopaedics Plus with a notable gate in my walk and a very weak and stiff right leg from the hip through the quad area. After just 6 weeks of working with Al, I can run a full sprint without any issue. I returned to playing golf just 2 months post-surgery and playing baseball 4 months post-surgery. I have already started catching again and I look forward to returning to the ice and playing hockey in the Fall. I could see my progress with each week I attended. The staff will first ask you what your recovery goals are? They measure and record a baseline for range of motion and muscle strength. Then through a progression of exercises, stretching, and message, your flexibility and strength start improving. Each week your flexibility and strength are measured again and you can see how you are progressing against your baseline numbers. Each session adds a slightly more challenging exercise and/or stretch, that keeps you moving towards your goal. I particularly liked how the staff listened to what I wanted to accomplish and then implemented a program to obtain those goals. Seeing and feeling the gains each week, really keeps you motivated to keep working. Do yourself a favor and call them right now. They will evaluate your condition, answer all your questions, and then layout a program to help you recover quickly and safely. In a short period of time, you are back to the life style you desire and it’s just a great feeling!

Mark M.

Always a very active and athletic person, I developed a fairly serious scoliosis which has impacted my last five years with discomfort and some significant reduced range of motion and activity. I was seeing a highly qualified physical therapist at a major Boston hospital in 2016 who admitted that she did not know much about scoliosis. Blessedly, she researched and recommended Amy from Orthopaedics Plus as an expert in the field. Seeing Amy gave me hope and strength. Her positive personal manner and overall vast knowledge of physical therapy and movement with specialties in scoliosis and its impact on the body, has been a source of physical and emotional comfort and, more importantly, inspiration and hope. My physical strength has improved as has my ability to tolerate greater physical challenges. She is an exceptional therapist.

Jeanne W.

For 18 months, my daughter, Maya, was braced to prevent her scoliosis from worsening. To maximize the benefits of bracing, she began working with Amy from Orthopaedics Plus to learn Schroth exercises. We drove two hours to get to OP and every drive was well worth it. Through Amy’s exceptional skills and her intuitive understanding of Maya’s strengths and needs she was able to effectively motivate and engage Maya in her treatment for positive results. Over the course of eight months, her posture visibly improved, the rotation of her thoracic curve decreased by three degrees, and she was notably stronger and more aware of her own body. Incidentally, her gymnastics skills improved significantly, and she had her best competition year yet! Maya did ultimately require surgery and will soon resume Schroth therapy to optimize her posture and realignment following a partial fusion. Deciding to pursue surgery was one of the hardest decisions of my life. During this difficult process, Amy shared her unwavering professional support, knowledge, contacts, and experiences as we considered options and ultimately decided. Amy has truly been a life-changing individual in my daughter’s life.

Kathleen G.

I came to Orthopedics Plus post surgery after a pretty severe shoulder fracture. My Orthopedic doctor was very impressed with how well I did. Todd tailored my program to my unique situation. I believe because of Todd’s program I got the best possible outcome for this injury and have a better quality of life. The staff is great. They listen to your concerns and do their best to resolve any issues you might be having. They provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. I would highly recommend Orthopedics Plus. The staff is bright and caring and goes above and beyond to ensure that you get the best possible result.

Beatrice Y.

I came to Orthopedics Plus after finding out my scoliosis had progressed to severe degree. My parents and I wanted to avoid surgery but wanted to see real results. I feel so blessed to have found Amy during this journey of mine. I was able to improve all my four curves and I feel so much better. I have become more in touch with my body and I have become stronger. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I can move and work with muscles I truly didn’t know I had. Amy believed in me well before I believed in myself. She pushed me every day and thank goodness she did. I started seeing results rather quickly and I was out of my brace in a reasonable about of time. It was a lot of hard work, but it was well worth it. I love Amy for her positive attitude. Her happiness and positivity made me so motivated to work hard. Even when I wasn’t having a good day, or if I maybe slacked off since the last time I saw her, she never let me quit. She never pushed me to a point where I couldn’t handle, and she never made me feel like my end goal wasn’t in reach. Her excitement made me excited to work harder than before and it pushed me to become stronger. Go see the staff at Orthopaedics Plus! I had an amazing experience. It was a very welcoming environment, everyone is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Orthopedics Plus to anyone looking for a great physical therapist.

Zoe F.

I am a client of Dr. Amy Sbihli. Through out work together, my sever dextroscolios has held its own, and due to Dr. Sbihli’s expertise some of the curve abnormalities have actually decreased. The staff is pleasant, courteous, and efficient. The clinicians are very gifted teachers and have remained an advocate for me over the years. Amy has overextended herself well beyond the boundaries of her duties. Without her help and guidance I would have failed in my goals. Dr. Amy Sbihli is outstanding in all ways. I am an internal medicine doctor, have 5 college degrees, and thus have had many teachers and mentors along the way. Dr. Amy Sbihli is by far the most outstanding.

Dr. Adriene M.