Ellen Poveromo

Director of Treatment


My first exposure to physical therapy was as a child, watching a PT work with my older sister at Children’s Hospital. I thought it looked like fun to do exercises with people. That intrigue lasted, which eventually led me to pursue my Physical Therapy degree at Simmons College. Early in my career, I knew I wanted to focus on outpatient orthopedics. I treated many spine patients and knew I had to become very proficient with my treatment of the spine. I then pursued a specialty in manual therapy through the renowned Paris Institute of Manual Therapy and became certificatied in 1991. I have focused on manual PT ever since.

In addition to my affinity for treating the spine, I enjoy treating running athletes. I have been a runner myself for over 30 yrs. This allows my runner-patients to feel more at ease knowing that I can relate to the variety of issues that can arise from distance running. Even as a therapist with many years of experience, I sometimes encounter running related issues. It is also tough to take my own advice since I love to run, but luckily I'm surrounded by awesome clinicians that help keep me in line.

I also like working with the breast cancer patients and getting that population healthy and active again. Many women are not aware of the many problems that often arise post-mastectomy which can be solved by physical therapy. Pain, restricted motion, and weakness can complicate their recovery. But with the right treatment, it can be fixed. It is exciting and rewarding to open their eyes to the possibilities to restore their function.

When I am not in the clinic treating or running the trails of the north shore, I’m spending time with my family including my dog, Coco. I love cooking, and making Italian dishes is my specialty. I also love cross-country skiing at Appleton Farm in the winter and gardening in the summer. Living an active and healthy lifestyle sets a good example for my patients. It’s important that they recognize that I do try to practice what I preach!