Patient Portal

Your patient experience reinvented!

Communication with your physical therapist made simple. Meet Keet Health!

Your care plan at your fingertips.

  • Your exercises in one location
  • Outcome surveys delivered to your computer or phone to maximize your time in the clinic
  • Assigned tasks in one, easy to find list
  • Beautiful videos so you can feel confident you’re doing exercises correctly
  • Keep track of your progress by checking off each task as you complete it

Communication…not isolation. 

  • Let your physical therapist know how you’re doing between visits
  • Unsure of something? Asking has never been easier
  • Educational materials so you know what to expect
  • Share your care plan with friends or family

Reminders (because we can all use extra encouragement sometimes).

  • Help you make your recovery part of your routine
  • Adjust notifications to your schedule. And if you’re feeling like a pro, simply turn them off.

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