Nate Heim


I chose to go into Physical Therapy because I have always been a physically active individual and I have always been interested in understanding how the body works. As someone who would get injured fairly often when I was younger, I always found it difficult because it would limit me from participating in the sports that I enjoyed. I did not quite have the solutions to my problems back then, but those setbacks always sparked my interest and made me curious as to what I could be doing to get better. Physical Therapy seemed like a great way to mesh my interests in physical activity, understanding of the way the body works, and finding solutions to problems.

I attended an accelerated six-year Physical Therapy Program at Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania to earn my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2019. As a Pennsylvania native, I completed several internships in both Pennsylvania and Boston area. Part of the reason I decided to move to the Boston area was for the educational opportunities offered in the area and to be a part of the top quality care that I found was being provided here. Among those educational opportunities, I am working towards a two-year residency program with the Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I am always striving to improve my practice and I take pride in giving patients the best treatment possible.

Throughout my journey, I have always found working in the outpatient orthopedic setting to be my true calling. As a Physical Therapist, I am able to apply my passion and interests to help people get better, and to me, that is most rewarding. Orthopaedics Plus is a great environment for me to serve others and grow professionally. I look forward to working with my patients and getting to know them better, not just from their injury perspective but as a whole person.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time at my local CrossFit gym where I attend fitness classes and social events with the gym community. Staying active has always been a big part of my life and having a supportive community to promote health and wellness in a fun and competitive way is important to me. Aside from the competitive fitness and supportive community, CrossFit has taught me the importance of mindfulness and controlling a positive mindset, which I believe can be applied to any life situation.

I have a pet parrot named Marvel, which I have had since I was 8 years old and he is essentially my child. He is getting older and does not have as great of balance as he once had. I apply concepts from physical therapy to modify his birdcage to promote his safety and reduce his risk of falling off of his perch. I also give him massages and stretches for his achy wing joints and clawed feet.

Being from Pittsburgh, I am a dedicated Steelers fan, but I always enjoy some friendly competition with my patients who are Boston sports fans. While I may not be a Boston sports fan, I do enjoy the Boston area and I am always looking for new places to visit and things to do. I particularly enjoy spending time by the ocean, finding quaint cafés to relax and read, and trying new Asian cuisine. I am always open to suggestions on new places to get some Pad Thai.