Emily Catlin


Hello, My name is Emily Catlin, and I am excited to be a Physical Therapist at Orthopaedics Plus! I decided to become a PT due to my own history with Physical Therapy. Since I was young, I was always very active and also very clumsy! I had my first round of PT when I was 10, and as I continued my athletic career into high school. I became a frequent flyer at my children’s physical therapy clinic back in Wisconsin. At the end of my junior year of high school, I was in – yet another – round of PT and it clicked that I would absolutely love to make an impact in patient’s lives like my therapists did for me.

Next, I applied to Boston University’s 6 year accelerated BS/DPT program and was ecstatic when I was accepted! Throughout my 6 years of schooling, the more I learned about PT and what I experienced on my clinicals continued to show me I made the right decision. Outpatient orthopedics always called to me as it gave me the chance to work with patients in the long term to help them return pain free to sport or their daily tasks. My love and passion for the profession has continued to grow as I graduated and began to work as an independent clinician.

When I was a student, I was fortunate enough to have an 11-week rotation at Orthopaedics Plus for one of my last clinicals and fell in love with the clinic and people! I am really excited to get the chance to continue my career here now, in a different capacity.