Rehab Technician

Whether it was pick-up pond hockey with the neighborhood kids, skiing, youth basketball, high school baseball, or college tennis, I was (and still am) involved in some kind of organized sport at any given time. I never gave the rehab process the respect it deserves until I was forced to - I had ACL reconstructive surgery as a sophomore in college, and it was during those physical therapy sessions that I finally realized what I wanted to do with the Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology I would eventually receive. With a few years under my belt as a physical therapy rehab technician, I'm certain that becoming a licensed therapist will be the next step in my career.

Outside of the workplace, I stay active with tennis, but more recently I've entered the endless love/hate relationship that is golf. I definitely enjoy a good lazy day too - I love a good movie/TV show, and I haven't found a genre of music that I can't get into. Playing Madden on Xbox also helped keep me sane during the harsher months of quarantine.

When I'm spending time with friends and family, a typical weekend usually involves kicking back with a few beers, checking out a new restaurant, or watching sports at a bar.