Felicia Sciortino


Hi! My name is Felicia Sciortino. I couldn’t be more excited to join the team the OP team! I graduated from Boston University’s accelerated BS/DPT program in 2019. While at BU I competed for their Division 1 Cross Country and Track teams. I competed in several events, including the 3000 meter Steeplechase. While competing for BU I sustained a few injuries, which not only sparked my passion for biomechanics, but allowed me to expand my interest in different sports and to become a well-rounded athlete. After several attempts to speed through my recovery too quickly, I learned to listen to my body and give it the time it needed to heal. Throughout PT school I learned about the mechanisms and influences of long-standing pain on my recovery process. My passion for understanding running mechanics lead me to pursue a yearlong practicum project with BU’s D1 cross country runners. The project focused on using 2-dimensional gait analysis to prevent running injuries and understand why previous injuries occurred. My passion for PT goes beyond sports though; movement is only part of the solution. It is my goal to help my patients learn how to further their own recovery and prevent future injuries. One of the most impactful tools I can give as a physical therapist is knowledge. In that vein, I want to learn from my patients as well. I believe that creating a meaningful connection and listening to each patient’s story is the foundation for full recovery.

When I’m not treating patients or running, I also dabble in a few other sports to keep things interesting. I started cycling as a means of cross training while I was injured but found that I could push myself just as hard on a bike as I could on the track. When I was frustrated with being injured, I took up boxing as another form of cross training. Although I’ve never actually fought anyone, and definitely never will, punching the bags has been a great way to release stress! Weightlifting became a necessity while trying to ward off injuries, but similar to boxing, it’s been much more fun than I anticipated! I can create quantifiable and measurable goals to challenge myself for each lift, which is part of what I loved about track. My interest in yoga started as a means for me to be able to touch my toes again, but its therapeutic nature has made it my saving grace. I’m always looking for new ways to challenge my body and mind, and I’m sure my list of sports will continue to grow.

When I’m not exercising, I also sing embarrassingly loud in my car to anything from Ella Fitzgerald to Khalid and have a guilty pleasure of watching Wonder Woman. When I have time to travel back to Upstate New York, I spend plenty of time with my enormous family including 4 younger sisters and two dogs — cooper who’s a hodgepodge of breeds and Luna who’s a Great Dane. I’ve recently become a proud puppy owner of my golden retriever named Oakley! Now that you know about me, I’m looking forward to getting to know more about you, your passions, and your goals!