Cherie Hamelin


My desire to become a health care professional started at a young age. I remember being intrigued by the physicals therapists who worked with my aunt who had sustained a brain injury. They provided hope when there didn’t appear to be any. I have always been fascinated with the human body and in awe of what our bodies can do and overcome, especially when we get the “formula” right. The formula being a combination of patient education, exercise, proper nutrition, sleep and emotional well-being. I believe Physical Therapists play an integral part of total body healing and getting people to their maximum performance and back to living the life they want.

My years at Quinnipiac University were busy ones. I played on the Field Hockey team for a few years, then minored in Athletic training and waitressed on the weekends. I graduated with my Master’s in Physical Therapy in January 2002. Immediately after I took my first job at a large Rehabilitation Hospital and had the privilege of working in a multidisciplinary setting. After a few years, I yearned for a more wellness and preventative approach to therapy and sought a job in Orthopedics. I earned my Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy degree from Massachusetts General Hospital of International Health Professions in 2006. I still yearned for more manual orthopedic skills, so I started the fellowship program at the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (lead by Orthopaedics Plus) and the opportunity to work for the company presented itself that same year. I then finished the two-year fellowship program in 2011.

I enjoy the variety of treating all types of conditions and very often treat multiple body parts at the same time because after all, everything is connected. I try hard to fit in as much as I can in the allotted time I have with my patients. I enjoy listening to my patients and meeting them where they are in their stage of healing both physically and emotionally if needed. I like treating pre and postnatal women and working with diastasis recti and just giving mamas the encouragement they need, whether it’s a new mom or a mom of 30 years.

Through my own personal experiences overtime and raising my small children, I have developed a deeper appreciation for light touch, myofascial release, and other alternative and natural therapies. I since have completed two Courses in Craniosacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute in 2018.

I have 4 crazy children of my own, including a set of boy/girl twins! Outside of the clinic, you will find me in my big blue van with a large cooler of food carting my kids around to various activities. Although I only let them do one activity at a time, it somehow feels like they are all in multiple activities DAILY! The days I am in the clinic however, you will find my husband in that same blue van minus the cooler of food!