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Work Related Injuries

Overcome your workplace injury and get back to work fast with Orthopaedics Plus.

If you’ve been injured on the job, you need relief from the pain and/or immobility of the injury itself. But you also need to get back to work, because it’s your livelihood. We have developed a staged system of treatment that returns you to work at the right time to ensure your success and safety.

Our dedicated professionals combine proven hands-on therapies, exercise, patient education and home programs to get you back to work safely… and in as little time as possible.

Our therapists work with you individually to specifically target the tasks you need to perform at work, testing your physical abilities and matching them to the demands of your work tasks. This process is critical in establishing a safe return to the workplace.

Orthopaedics Plus will also educate you about how to prevent future injury by showing you how to position and move your body more safely when performing your job.

Relieve your pain and return to work safely. Contact Orthopeadics Plus today.