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A Guide to Safety for Young Athletes

For young athletes, sports activities are more than play. Participation in athletics improves physical fitness, coordination, and self-discipline, and gives children valuable opportunities to learn teamwork. read more

6 Steps to Get Pain Relief with Physical Therapy and Exercise

The use of some type of physical therapy or exercise is integral to almost all forms of back and neck pain treatment. Sometimes physical therapy and exercise are the first lines of treatment, other times it may help manage chronic pain, or provide rehabilitation after surgery. But did you know that both gentle back exercise and physical therapy play a vital role in relieving pain? read more

Practical Tips to Lighten School Backpacks

Carrying too much weight can lead to back pain and spasms, shoulder and neck pain, and posture issues for children.
Recommendations vary on how much weight in a backpack is too much, but the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons says it shouldn’t be more than 20% of your child’s weight. The ideal weight is no more than 10%. For a 60-pound child, 10% of body weight works out to 6 pounds, while 20% would be 12 pounds. You can test the weight on your bathroom scale. read more

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists treat people of all ages and abilities. Here are some ways a physical therapist can help you. read more

7 Myths About Physical Therapy

People everywhere are experiencing the transformative effect physical therapy can have on their daily lives. In fact, as experts in the way the body moves, physical therapists help people of all ages and abilities reduce pain, improve or restore mobility, and stay active and fit throughout life. But there are some common misconceptions that often discourage people from visiting a physical therapist. read more