July 2016 - Orthopaedics Plus

Decreasing Rest Before PT Could Hasten Return-to-Play for Athletes With Acute Spondylolysis

A new study says that when it comes to physical therapist (PT) of adolescent athletes with acute spondylolysis, the sooner the better (within reason). According to researchers studying the medical charts of 196 adolescent athletes, patients whose physical therapy began fewer than 10 weeks after the injury were able to return to play almost 25 days sooner, on average, than those whose physicians required a wait of 10 weeks or more. (more…)

Physical Therapy Can Help Bicep Tendinitis

The biceps tendon connects the biceps muscle in the upper arm to the elbow. The tendon acts like a tough connective tissue. Inflammation of this tendon is bicep tendinitis. Physical therapy can help reduce pain and regain mobility. Some of the causes of biceps tendinitis include: (more…)

Pregnant & In Pain? – How PT Can Help

Are you having back pain during your pregnancy?

One of the most distressing things when you’re having pain with pregnancy is the lack of quality information available. Many women are told that “this is normal” and “don’t worry, once you have your baby, it will get better!” (more…)

Tips to Avoid Summer Sports Injuries

I love warm weather. It brings out the kid in me and probably in you, too. Maybe that’s because, from the time we’re kids, we think of summer as all about fun and freedom. I have so many memories of wishing I didn’t have to go home to wash up and eat dinner. I couldn’t finish fast enough and get back outside to play with my friends. It was the best. (more…)