March 2016 - Orthopaedics Plus

Knowing The Ins And Outs Of Tendonitis

There is no exception when it comes to inflammation. Everybody will experience some degree of an “itis” at some point in his or her active (or even sedentary) life.

Whether it’s tendonitis, arthritis, fasciitis or one of the many other diagnoses in the inflammatory category, it’s usually quite painful and can be incredibly debilitating. (more…)

Tips to Help Athletes Prevent Overuse Injury

Physical injuries are typically associated with a bump, bruise or break due to some form of sudden trauma.

However, some injuries can be more subtle or happen over time. Such injuries are known as overuse injuries, and take place when bones, muscles, ligaments, or tendons are damaged by repetitive stress without receiving ample time to heal (more…)

TMJ Pain & What To Do About It

TMJ is a just quick way of saying Temperomandibular joint – quite a mouthful, literally.

We all have TMJ. Actually, we have two of them! There’s one on each side of our face where the jaw bone connects to the skull. Gently place a finger on your cheek, just in front of your ear and if you open and close your mouth you can feel your TMJ working.

Physical Therapy Combats Back Pain

A recently published medical study on the role exercise plays in preventing the risk of prolonged back pain only reinforces the healing power movement has in our everyday lives – specifically when it comes to combatting back pain.