January 2015 - Orthopaedics Plus

TMJ Pain: A Physical Therapy Approach

“TMJ” is the acronym for “TemperoMandibular Joint”. The TMJ is the ball and socket joint found in front of the ears that allows the lower jaw to open, close and move sideways when chewing and speaking. Pain and dysfunction of this join is called temporomandibular disorder (TMD).


Therapy Can Be Best Option to Treat Pain

How is your insurance plan looking for next year? With astronomically high deductibles and co-pay out-of-pocket expenses, insurance seems more like a discount plan than actually covering health care costs when you need it.


Shoveling Snow Can Lead to Severe Injuries

No one looks forward to another winter like the last one. But snow and cold are forecast to be the norm, and the injuries associated with a severe winter likely will be numerous.


7 Reasons to Lose Weight with Arthritis

Just like being overweight is linked to arthritis pain, weight loss and arthritis improvement are also very much linked. (more…)