June 2013 - Orthopaedics Plus

Wake Up on The Wrong Side Of The Bed, Stiff Neck?

We’ve all been there. After a sleepless night or too much time in front of the computer, we develop a painful crick in the neck. For some this pain is caused by improper sleeping positions, but there are many different factors that can contribute neck pain.  (more…)

Tips For Starting Your Summer Exercise

Summer’s finally on our door step and we’re all ready to go and have some fun in the sun. It is a perfect time for those of us to become more active, if we have let our exercise routine fall by the wayside. Where some of us spent our offseason diligently training, some of didn’t.


Got Golfer’s Elbow?

Nothing ruins a perfect round of golf or a sunny morning the next day more than a nagging pain in your elbow. This discomfort is caused by the repetitive swings of a golf club, into different surfaces, that can cause small tears in the muscle tissue around the in side (medial side) of the elbow.


Is Your Lifestyle Leading You To Joint Pain?

One in three adults suffer from some form of joint pain.  Though a potential factor in limiting one’s functional abilities for recreation, sport and daily activities, there are ways to prevent or limit it’s effects.