January 2013 - Orthopaedics Plus

Taking Down Holiday Decorations?

When using ladders it’s important to be safe.  Each year there are 200 deaths from ladder falls and more than 2000,000 emergency room visits.  During the winter when people are hanging and taking down holiday lights remember safety tips to prevent orthopedic or neurological injuries:


New Years Resolution to Lose Weight? Exercise Safely

Holiday celebrations, treats and big meals inspire people to make a resolution to be more fit in the new years.  It’s great to want to work out, but make sure you do so safely.  Many people push themselves too hard in the beginning when they’re trying a new exercise program.  It’s important to balance diet and exercise and not to over do it. (more…)

More Kids With Overuse Injuries

Doctors have seen a surge in over use injuries in children mostly due to the growing popularity of sports. Sports are great promoting physical and emotional health in kids as well as creating habits of exercise.  Athletics in children are mostly beneficial, however too much activity can lead to a serious injury.


Exercise to Manage Arthritis Pain

More than 50 million adults have some form of arthritis according to the National Center for Health Statistics.  The most common type is osteoarthritis which is known as a “wear and tear” arthritis.  This affects weight-bearing joints like knees, hips back and lower back. (more…)